Mercy Runs on Love was created in responds to Satan’s Shoes.

Yes, you have read that correctly.

Satan Shoes.

You see a  rapper Lil Nas X  has created a shoe called the Satan Shoes which contains human blood and is being sold at $1,018. (Can you imagine how much good we can do for the price of 1 of those shoes.)

In case you want to read more on this disruption, we warn you about reading this article. It can make you sick in your stomach and head for days.

But we can combat this evil with good.

Christ’s blood destroyed evil. Satan is mad as hell. He uses lost poor soul as this rapper to bring him glory.

But we know the glory is really in the blood of Christ.

For the greatest act of mercy ever known to humanity was on done the cross.

We can spread more acts of mercy with shoes of mercy.

How do we do this?

First, take us up on the challenge. Yes, Challenge yourself to complete physical activity from walking, running, biking, swimming, and so on.

Next, look for an event in the future, something in your local community such as a 5k (you can run it, walk it!). Sign up.  

Just do it.

Then, find a non-profit charity or an organization that is showing the world how to combat evil with acts of mercy & love.

Lastly, start your training and talking.

Share about this “cause” with your family, friends, church, locals, on social media, blog posts, podcasts, etc.

Use it to fuel you when you think you can’t finish the last mile or when you want to sleep in instead of training.

Let it transform you in such ways that you will be looking for a greater challenge to fight for.


How do we help?

We help you set up your “Mercy Runs on Love” fundraiser by creating your t-shirt and other items that you can use to sell as a way to bring awareness and funds to your cause for FREE!

We create a simple page with all the info on who, what, and how so that you can share it with those you choose to share it with.

We support you with our prayers, fasting, and social media sharing.

We help you to be accountable to your cause  through support and discussion on our Facebook Page. 



Why are we doing this?

Because combating evil with acts of mercy and love must be a joint effort!

Because the message of Mercy is real and for everyone, even this rapper!

The race has already been won by the blood of Christ on the cross.

Christ won the race for all humanity, we just need to get on His team to rejoice in the victory.


Contact with your questions or your “Mercy Runs on Love” details!

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