Water for Mercy is Maria Cecilia’s non-profit that she is supporting as she trains and runs for the Full Marathon in Tampa, Jan. 23 2022.

Water for Mercy provides the ‘1-2-3 Solution’ to permanently end thirst, hunger, and poverty in Africa and beyond. With our innovative technologies, we provide clean water, advanced agricultural practices, and modernized educational solutions. 


To ensure a permanent solution in Africa, our Israeli ‘Boots on the Ground” partners, Innovation:Africa (IA) and CultivAid integrate four critical components in our proven, sustainable approach that is 100% successful Community Involvement, Boots on the Ground, Real-time System Monitoring  and Drip Irrigation for Optimal Farming.

We share Israel’s innovative water and agricultural solutions essential for life and livelihood.

Access to clean water and innovative farming is THE ANSWER to providing a healthy food source and permanently transforming the vicious cycle of poverty into the bountiful Cycle of Success.

Maria Cecilia: January 23, 2022 Tampa Bay Full Marathon

Thank you for reading about my “Acts”. I am 45 yr. mother to 5 children living in South Mississippi. I have done a few of these Rundraiser Acts , as I completed my first half-marathon and a 50 miler cycle ride for pro-life organizations (And Then There Were None & Ladies Love Life Project).

I don’t really enjoy running so this is a big act for me to complete. But know that I can help combat with acts of mercy, Water for Mercy is perfect for my full marathon!

Water has been a big part of my wellness journey and having easy access to drinking water is a gift that I take for granted at times. I don’t want to take it for granted any longer especially know how many people don’t have access to clean drinking water.

Each satan shoe is sold at $1,018 per pair. That is enough money to give 85 people access to clean water for the rest of their lives!

My goal is to give 85 people clean water as I train and run this marathon.  Thank you for considering my Acts project to sponsor.  I will keep each and every one of you in my prayers as I offer up my runs for you and your prayer intentions.

Thank you to all of our Sponsors!

The Gonthier Family


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